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Crop Performance was founded on the idea of feeding plants the nutrients and energy they need to achieve maximum yields. We serve customers throughout Indiana, Northwest Ohio, Southern Michigan, and Eastern Illinois.
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Crop Performance LLC

At Crop Performance LLC our mission is to supply growers with the tools they need to control their crops’ most limiting nutrients.  By using micro and macro nutrients, sugars, microbiology, and organic acids we can supplement the soil’s shortcomings, while mitigating environmental stress.

We have partnered with industry leaders in crop nutrition and biological products to make custom in-furrow, row starters, sidedress, y-drop, foliar, and fertigation blends that promote high yields. Our programs are designed for nutrient efficiency by directly placing products in or near the root zone, where placement is optimal for plant uptake. We are providing the latest innovative products for modern day farm practices. Our programs are designed and developed by talking with our growers after reviewing their nutrient needs through soil and tissue test results.

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