Finish Line

NACHURS Finish Line is a uniquely balanced foliar product with low use rates that have a proven record of increasing ROI on many crops. This foliar product is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials containing plant available orthophosphate, fully chelated micronutrients, surfactants, compatibility agents and organic acids as well as the latest potassium technology: NACHURS Bio-K. This ensures compatibility with most crop protection products and provides the best available nutrients essential for maximizing yield potential. *

Once absorbed by the plant, NACHURS Finish Line promotes and healthier and more robust root system resulting in improved crop productivity. NACHURS Finish Line is well adapted to all cropping and management systems, including but not limited to row crops, vegetables, fruit, tree, turf, and ornamentals. NACHURS Finish Line makes a great companion to other NACHURS products when making foliar applications.

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